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Program Overview

This program is aimed at those who want to start a new business in Hungary. By opening the company in Hungary, it aims to obtain residency in order to follow up and manage this project. To obtain residency, it is necessary to open a limited liability company, the maximum number of partners is 2 and the minimum is 1, the process of opening a company and obtaining residency takes between 4 to 5 months.

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Program Phases

The stages of opening a company and obtaining residency are as follows:

  • Phase 01

    Get Professional Counselling

  • Phase 02

    Document Review

  • Phase 03

    Submit Your Data

At this stage, documents are sent electronically to our office in Hungary, provided that all papers and documents are in PDF format

This stage includes your review of the Hungarian embassy in the country of residence, knowing that we are the ones who book the appointment for you, in order to sign the company’s papers

It is the final stage, where the date of your attendance to submit the visa at the Hungarian Embassy is sent by us

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